Monday, October 07, 2002

I haven't posted in a while..sorry there..
Well 9 weeks is ending tomorrow...that'll be nice...but I also have to audition for that "GBHS Idol" thing tomorrow...I thought I was gonna do this one song but then my mom and I decided I suck at it, so I'm switchin at the last minute...that's so me...I'm such a procrastinator...if I had worked on it before I would've realized this earlier :) Hopefully it all goes well...wish me luck!

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Raindrops keep fallin on my head/They keep fallin...

I don't like getting the feeling that everyone thinks I'm trying to steal their boyfriends...I'M NOT DAMMIT!! All I'm trying to do is talk to my friends!! Do people really think I would do that??? I'm not that i???
All I'm askin for here is trust...and maybe a homecoming date...hahahhahahhahaha....I don't bite I swear!! unless you're crackie and you won't leave me alone...haha

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

"All you need is/What you want is/All you need is LOVE!!!" ---dave matthews band's been raining like a mo all afternoon...this crazy storm...Amanda said we might not have school Thursday and Friday...that would be great, even though we'd have to make those days up
Today wasn't that eventful...PLAN was retarded...I barely had enough time...oh well I think I did ok on the ones I did actually do though :)
Homecoming is getting closer and closer...that's icky...last year I was so excited and SOMEONE should've asked me but he was retarded and decided that even though I was like his best friend, he only wanted to go with one person...ugh...oh well Clay was fun anyway :)...Who knows what'll happen this year though...I swear all my guy friends have's not fair...although I guess I should be used to it....

Monday, September 23, 2002

It's just another manic Monday/Wish it was Sunday/Cuz that's my fun day!.......SONG OF THE DAY!!!

Stacy and I made 90s on that hard ass test we took in chemistry!! YEA BUDDY!! that alone made today pretty good..:)

Actually I don't have that much to say today...although I did discover that my friends seem to like to abuse me a lot...they all run into me on purpose in the halls, and then in SGA the senior boys thought it would be fun to hold me down and tickle me..let's just say I couldn't breathe normally for a while there haha
Oh my the hall today someone (no names but i think you can guess...) decided to actually say hi to me
(something that doesn't happen often) and i was like hi and while he was in mid-sentence, his girlfriend decided that we weren't allowed to talk or something and physically seperated by taking her hand, putting it on his cheek and literally pushing him away from me...I was like ok then...I guess I'm not allowed to talk to him anymore...I guess she considers me a threat, although I don't know one seems to look at me like that haha....

Saturday, September 21, 2002

Welcome to my "blog!" haha..this is kinda the idea from Samantha..that crazy freshman!! haha
Well today was retarded. Mrs. Timmons is crazy as hell. The show is almost four months away and I already had a 9 hour rehearsal today. What the hell is up with that??? Technically it was a garage sale from 8-10, rehearsal from 10-11, lunch from 11-12 and then rehearsal again till 5...but I was still up there for 9 hours dammit. I'm so tired...spent the night with Ashton and Beth last night and we didn't go to bed till late...I fell asleep at rehearsal. :)...
Drama makes me so mad...certain ppl (I won't mention names) are just so overused and the politics are overwhelming!! I mean I wanna do it, but I feel so unappreciated sometimes...and I know I'm not the only one. Oh well...that's life I s'pose!!
I just want to point out that homecoming is a lil over a month away...I haven't really started thinking about it...unlike all the freshman in my p.e. class...goodness!! Not like I'll get asked any way...hahah BETH!! "So what are you doing Saturday night? Wanna come to homecoming with me??" hahaha right...goodness...memories...
Yea so I'm pathetic..oh well...if you don't know that already then WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?!!!! haha..
You know what's funny?? Betsy had a dream that I wrote her mean letters about how I hated her because I was in love with Tyler...and then she burned my hair....that made me laugh.